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Male vs Female: Vocal Differences You NEED To Know For Effective Training

8th December 2022 - 7:30-9:30pm UK

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Across the *literal* centuries, male and female voices have been differentiated in many ways.

In some classical traditions, male sang in chest and females sang in head, and to do it the other way round was just wrong. In the local choir, it may just be an octave interval the whole time and that was it!

Today, in contemporary styles, the differences in how male and female singers use their voices is a little less separated, so as the old traditions meet the new styles there's a recipe for confusion that lives on!

This detailed workshop was inspired by the many teachers who felt lost when teaching genders different to their own. In it we will:

  • Identify the ANATOMICAL DIFFERENCES that affect our exercise choices
  • Understand how RESONANCE differs and how that affects vowel choice
  • Explore and develop vocal ability that maintains BEST FUNCTION AND VOCAL HEALTH

This practical course will give you the confidence to be able to understand and elevate whoever stands in your studio. As opposed to dodging clients that scare you and feeling stumped by a voice that's just so different to yours!

The truth is, I'll show you that there's much more similarity than you think, and for the rest you can take a logical approach based on more predictable vocal markers.

This course is LIVE with a catch-up option available if you can't make the dates/times. The beauty of the live version is you get to take part in LIVE Q&A.

Time: 7:30pm UK (75mins)
Release Date: 8th December
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