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Acoustics & Resonance For Voice Teachers

This 4-part class is designed for all levels of coach and teacher, with the aim to approach resonance and acoustics in a way that is easy to understand. After all, most teachers give up on the technical or dry texts that are available on these subjects, which means they could miss out on the huge benefits of understanding the principles!

However, with ourselves and with our students, the best approach is to feel and play with the vocal activities long before too much information comes at you. That’s where we speak the language of learning skills in the body - EXPERIENCE.

Not information. Words often serve to muddy the experience, so if we approach our lessons with this simple adjustment our singers can learn a lot quicker.


Across each two hour class, we will tie together the concepts of voice placement, vocal registers, exercise choice and even belting with tools that have a foundation in logic. Why? So we can take some of the guess work out of it, helping you to be able to pinpoint the right approach to help that singer.

Peppered in there, I will also help you to demystify the ideas of resonances and harmonics (still with me *wink face*?) and why they can be useful to understand. I will even introduce you to how you can use software to train your ear into hearing the nuances of tone.

The results in students are propelled faster when resonance forms a pillar of how you train someone, and some of those problems that you've been banging your head against a wall about often disappear. After all resonance is a form of support that we can give, so that they don't blow themselves out pushing on the other kind - AIR!