Introducing a transformative coaching course that offers an evidence-based and holistic next step in your vocal coaching career.

Do you want the expertize to supercharge your students’ progress?

Do you dream of working with more advanced singers and artists?

Do you crave the confidence to raise your rates while retaining your clients?

Based on years of experience in the studio, distilling voice research and input from experts worldwide, this is a comprehensive course to take your teaching to the next level.

Built specifically for contemporary coaches, it takes you beyond mere concepts. The course ensure you understand how important ideas link together, in a way that just isn’t possible from the time-consuming study of books and modules from different sources. We also don’t prioritize ‘knowing’ over ‘doing’, or science over art. Instead, we recognize the importance of balancing the scientific with the experiential so you can approach vocal blocks from many different angles.

The result? The ability to apply your newfound skills flexibly and creatively, solving singers’ unique problems while right there in the studio with them.

When you’re paid for results, it’s crucial to be able to stimulate progress quickly. Working with us will provide you with an unshakeable foundation to your career so your clients stay with you long-term - swapping expensive new client marketing for a waiting list of people queuing to get into your studio!

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Hi I'm Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is the founder of TeachVoice, with a professional singing career spanning 15 years and vocal coaching experience since 2007. He has spent years looking after professional voices, analyzing voice research, and working with leading experts to develop real-world vocal coaching applications. 

For the first time ever, he has collected this work into one accessible course, designed for any CCM teacher looking to elevate their offering. This in-depth video-based course allows coaches to learn at their own pace, while also offering dedicated support throughout. Joining the course gives access to a community of equally passionate singing teachers, all on a journey to transform their career.

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